Abby Hartung and Shawn Morse

Company: Hartung FX and Shawn Morse FX

Abby Hartung is a freelance special effects make-up artist for films and haunted houses. She became interested in special effects make-up at an outdoor haunted house in Sammamish, Washington at a young age and has grown her make-up and airbrushing skills over the years under various advanced artists. She specializes in prosthetic application and airbrushing and has worked on over a dozen short and feature films.

Shawn has always had an affinity for Halloween, horror, cosplay, and creating creepy characters. He has been haunting since 2004, as a home haunter and professional haunter, doing set design, acting, make-up, and management. He is currently a freelance make-up artist for film and theatrical productions, serves as the Make-up Director at Stalker Farms Haunted Attractions, and teaches classes on airbrushing and special make-up effects.