Dr. Justin Fears w/Fetchboy Cory Hunt

Justin Fears is a high school principal and hold several degrees, including a Doctorate in Educational Administration. Also the CEO and co-founder of Fearsome Entertainment, LLC. We (my wife and I) run several businesses under this umbrella including Phobius Haunted House, Fearsome Decay, Fearsome Ink and Phobius FX Studios. I am the lead makeup artist at Phobius Haunted House and have been doing airbrush makeup for several years. I have done seminars and/or makeup demos at many large venues such as Midwest Haunters Convention, HauntCon and Transworld Halloween and Attractions Show. I got my start in special effects with our company Fearsome Ink doing airbrush tattoos. As our business grew, I began to network and learn as much about special effects as possible through books, YouTube, Pinterest, and TV shows like Naked Vegas and Faceoff. By the time we opened the haunted house, and since it’s opening, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many renowned artists including Nix Herrera and Anthony Kosar. I’ve taken a dozen courses at Anthony’s studio in Chicago and continue to hone my skills in my own studio. Most recently you might have seen might work on the Facebook live show Total Terror TV. I am excited to share my passion for this craft and look forward to working with each of you!