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Pashur House/I Love FX Makeup

Company: I Love FX Makeup

Pashur the Body Painter is known for his full body artistic masterpieces. This award-winning body painter is known throughout the world for his incredible talent, as the “Picasso of Body Painting”. Pashur helped pave the way for the modern body paint industry with his first image, a pregnant cyborg incubating a cyborg baby fondly named “MotherBoard”. Since then Pashur has been instrumental in the main stream inclusion of body painting in current media. His influence can be seen throughout the industry. He has sold out body painting workshops all over the world and has hosted zombie crawls in Toronto, New Orleans, Plymouth, MA and Norwich UK.

As a professional body painter, Pashur can tailor the body painting designs to fit any theme or style. Pashur's body painting has been published in hundreds of magazines around the world and he has written and published several popular face painting books on Zombies, Spiders and Pirates.

Past and/or Present Clients Include: Rolling Stone, Smirnoff, Playboy, Cirque du Soleil, Nicki Minaj, 5 Seconds of Summer, Toyota, Brooks & Dunn, Penthouse, Daniel Ash, Eve 6, Prius, Wrangler, Rav4, Tundra, Animal Planet, Walmart, Camel, and Amity Affliction. Pashur has painted for TV shows that aired on Netflix, MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike TV and TNT and he was a special guest as a Body Paint Expert on the SyFy Channel TV show, Face Off. Pashur has even consulted for the body painting TV show Naked Vegas and he worked for two years as a consultant to help develop the TV show, Skin Wars.

Pashur resides in Los Angeles, California where he continues to innovate and break boundaries with his body painting art.