Church with Reverend Cory Hunt (Kneeling is Optional But Encouraged)

Sunday, 15 April 2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Come spend an hour with Cory Hunt as we delve into a variety of topics that can enhance and twist your haunt in new but old ways. Last year's "Inappropriate Time with Cory Hunt" sparked some new ideas and avenues that will make you rethink how you and your actors approach your haunt. Come play with the Reverend Cory Hunt.

Cory Hunt

I have been haunting for over twenty years, acting for longer, ran a successful home haunt for about twelve, been a board member of Preston Castle Haunt for around five, production designer for Ghost Boat (film), Fangsmith, SFX instructor, Dental Prosthetics instructor, Haunt Actor instructor (Direworld/Heartstoppers, Preston Castle, WCHC, Weston Ranch High School), and a general Rogue Haunter. I tend to prefer actor heavy/animatronic light haunt design and have a degree in sociology with extreme interest in psychology and social engineering.