Simple Ghost Effects

Sunday, 15 April 2018
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Video effects are becoming more common in haunted attractions. Learning how they are done and creating them yourself allows for a more personalized effect that your guests will remember. Using several techniques, you will learn how to create your own realistic ethereal ghost effects, which can be used both outdoors and in your haunt. Jeff and Chris will demonstrate the tips and tricks of videotaping actors, then teach you how to use simple software to create almost any ghost effect you can imagine. Learn about the low cost LCD projectors and ultra-small solid state media players that make video projections so popular today.

Davis Graveyard

Jeff and Chris Davis, and their talented crew, are the creators of The Davis Graveyard, a popular Halloween yard display in the Portland, Oregon area, which has been in operation for over ten years. As the nation’s largest and most detailed cemetery-themed yard haunt, the display has won several awards. It has been featured in magazines, as well as showcased in’s “Haunts Across America” series. The Davis Graveyard coordinates the Haunters Video Awards and DVD Set, now in its 12th year, a compilation of home haunter videos from all over the world that are judged and given awards. The Davis Graveyard offers seminars and teaches local workshops, sharing their prop building techniques at summer workshops. The Davis Graveyard was tapped to help with ABC’s “Extreme Home Makeover” of Nightmare Factory in Salem, Oregon, where they created hundreds of cinderblock walls and aged brick hallways and rooms, all out of foam.