Haunted Properties & Real Estate History-Practice

Saturday, 11 May 2019
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm

A lighthearted class how the status of a property being haunted affects real estate. Do you have to disclose that you have a Focused, Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm? Do Federal Housing Laws allow you to call it a Class Five Full Roaming Vapor? Can you be liable for the damage a poltergeist does to the next tenant? Are there third-party spirit busting experts you can call? Millions of dollars are exchanged in lawsuits, marketing, and pricing over properties history and allegations of haunting. How does a property being haunted affect the cost? Do people make money off of haunted properties in real estate? Will it financially impact your Home or Haunt? Class Outcomes: The history of haunted properties as defined by courts and real estate practices. Specific cases will be reviewed and discussed along with problems, obstacles and questions.


David D. Jones

David D. Jones has been helping amazing and wonderful people realize their real estate dreams for 19 years. Starting in Chicago and now in the Greater Portland Area, he has discovered that hauntings have a substantial impact on real estate. He is also the founder of Creatures of the Night, a local family-owned haunted attraction development company.