Disgustingly Delicious

Saturday, 11 May 2019
02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

They say you first feast with your eyes, which is why presentation is everything when it comes to creating disgustingly delicious foods. Each student will be given the opportunity to learn how to make two separate non-alcoholic beverages perfect for any Halloween bash. Using a bit of chemistry and a touch of black magic, we will create Fizzing Plague Punch and Foaming Swamp Dust. Fizzing Plague Punch: These seemingly innocent looking skull shaped tablets fizz when you drop them into any liquid, releasing their effervescence in a burst of bubbles and flavor. Learn what ingredients to mix together to create this fun and exciting treat and learn how to mold your own at home. Foaming Swamp Dust: A scoop of this powder turns any liquid into a sludgy gooey beverage with a thick foam on top that bubbles and pops as you drink. Learn what ingredients to mix together to get this disgustingly delicious slimy beverage. The cost of each class includes all ingredients and 1 silicone mold per paying student. Class Level: Beginner


Hellen Die

Hi! I’m Hellen Die, researcher, chef, food stylist, photographer, writer and dishwasher of The Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon.

The “Nom” is all about putting the “gore” in gourmet and will take you through every stage of a horror-themed dinner party, from appetizers to soups and salads, side dishes, home-made bread and crackers, hearty main courses, sweet desserts, and drinks. These recipes all include 100% edible and readily obtainable (or easily sourced) ingredients like squid ink, fresh produce, and — for the truly brave — consumption grade insects.

The Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon is a carefully curated collection of elegant recipes and techniques I’ve spent the past 20 years perfecting. I’ve been employed for over 15 years in Hollywood in film and television and spent the majority of that time working on horror films. I’m a member of both the DGA as well as the WGA. I’ve done everything from write episodes for the wildly popular and bloody Syfy series, “Z Nation,” to costume design “Sharknado 3” and “Sharknado 5.” I’ve built props and slung blood for horror films like “Hatchet,” and “Hansel vs Gretel,” and now I’m taking all those experiences scaring people and moving them from the (big and small) screen into the kitchen. Around here, I’m pretty much a one-demon show, but I do share taste-testing duties with my ever-present partner and crime, Lucifur the Lord of Barkness. So come with me and learn how you to can create your own disgustingly delicious masterpieces as we crack open the Devil's favorite cookbook, the Necro Nomnomnomicon.