The Theatrics of Fear

Acting, especially haunt acting requires the uses of all of your abilities, from movement to voice. We all know the basics of a shambling zombie or a maniacal laughter, but there is so many other creepy options out there! A well placed quiet giggle can be terrifying, a subtle but unnatural gait unnerving. In this interactive class we will explore sound and movement, how you can increase your own personal scare factor, and how the creepiest tools at your disposal are the ones you already possess !!

Jennifer Anne Scott

Acting since a child Jennifer has always loved the darker side of character acting. From portraying a psychotic vampire to a Witch in Macbeth, or loaning her voice to a sinister magic show, she loves it all!! With her voice acting she really loves bringing characters to life from ghostly victims to wicked witches to lost children. She currently resides in Los Angeles, pursing her career and creating her podcast Whispers of a Witch. You can find her witchin it up at, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook @theWitchVoice.