Hub Haunting

Saturday, 14 April 2018
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm

Hub haunting 101. “Hub haunting” is a proportional theory that synergies the fluctuation of actor availability with haunt throughput demand. What does that mean? More simply put, this theory binds together the two major components of our industry, Haunt Design and Staffing. This class will illustrate how to fully staff a haunt on those (awkwardly slow) Thursday and Sunday nights when the pool of actors and volunteers are at their lowest, while fully utilizing the increased actor base available on those crazy, high throughput Friday and Saturday nights. We will discuss hub designs that maximize “scares per actor” while minimizing the actors visualized exposure to the guests. This class will also address proper use of “drop panels”, misdirection and suspense building in your haunted attraction.

Mike Milburn

Mike Milburn, a self professed "Scarologist", is the Owner / Curator of Milburn's Haunted Manor, LLC in Hubbard, Oregon: A successful small country haunt that has been terrorizing the Mid Willamette Valley for the past 15 years. Mike (along with his production team) designs scares and effects for the "haunt on a budget" with his 90% Macguyver, 10% Lugosi approach.