Sound Editing for Liberal Arts Majors!

Saturday, 11 May 2019
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

It can be argued the foundation of any production is the soundtrack. Have you ever wished you could have custom audio for your haunt but can't afford to hire a professional production studio? “Sound Editing for Liberal Arts Majors” will seek to provide an introduction on how to edit and create custom soundtracks using the very powerful freeware Audacity. The best part is you don't need a six figure sound studio or an engineering degree to do this! A laptop and cell phone will get you started. Topics that will be covered include: -How to import and edit an existing audio track or song. -How to trim, clip, cut and paste tracks. -How to combine multiple tracks to layer or enhance/change sound. -How to capture, import and modify speech. (AKA-sound like the devil) -How to clean up “noise” on a track, change pitch, volume, speed and tone. -Simple cheats and hacks to combine dissimilar audio without spending hours at your PC. -How to export your creation into an MP3 or other file format for use in your haunt or videos. Class Level: Beginner


Richard Bryan

Rich Bryan was a home haunter in the Willamette Valley who's haunt City of the "Dam"med gained national attention. The yard display show was a 12.5 minute fully automated production combining audio, video and animatronics.

Rich has since transitioned into a freelance haunter working with Nightmare Factory and Preston Castle creating an synchronized animatronic audio and video scene for haunt rules, church pews and a following busts tombstone.

Oddly enough Rich's degree is in liberal arts not engineering proving that anyone can venture into the mechanical and technical side of this art form.

Rich met his bride Lily (Preston Castle) at WCHC in 2017 and they celebrated their wedding reception at the 2018 convention! Funny thing is Lily took Rich's "Servos for Liberal Arts Majors" class and she is an actual Engineer!