Class Times are Pacific Standard Time

Haunted Playing Card $25 fee

Friday, 13 May 2022
09:00 am - 10:00 am

In this class, you will make and learn a popular magic effect called "The Haunted Deck." This trick is a perfect crowd pleasers for a line/cue area. In addition, the basic theories of this effect can be applied to bigger haunt effects which will be demonstrated during this class.Easy to perform with a little practice. The effect involves the volunteer selecting a card and replacing it within the deck. Then, upon the spoken word of the magician, a mysterious force moves the deck of cards, completely without the use of any hands. The deck cuts itself to the exact card selected by the audience member. Then, that card mysteriously slides out from the rest of the cards. All supplies and instructions included.


Professor DR Schreiber

Professor DR Schreiber is Danny Schreiber, a Portland, OR-based magician, magic effects consultant, magic historian, emcee, and instructor of new magicians. He has performed and lectured around the globe both virtually and in-person He is a member of the prestigious Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle), the past President with the Portland Assembly of Society of American Magicians, a member of the Portland Society of Magicians, the Conjuring Arts Research Center as well as a certified mentor for the Society of Young Magicians. Schreiber uses his long career as a television producer and years of working as a cast member at Disneyland to enhance the all around entertainment experience for his audiences.