How to create and prepare a working relationship with your Fire Marshal

Saturday, 16 May 2020
03:00 pm - 04:00 pm

In this class you will learn positive ways to interact and engage with the Fire Marshal from the initial planning stage of your haunt. Outline: 1. Brief history of building codes and how they pretain to your Haunted House. 2. Hints on what your Fire Marshal is looking for before you start creating your haunt. 3. Public safety, why is it so important. 4. How to avoid the last minute opening panic with your Fire Marshal. 5. What is a "Fire Life Safety Plan" and how to create one. 6. What should you have in your cache when you meet with your Fire Marshal. 6. Links/resources to help you. Class level: Any level learner


Doug Ouderkirk

You may have seen Doug around the WCHC as his alter ego "Dr. D 'Loco" up on the 13th floor. Doug has been haunting for decades and has been involved with charitable haunts from driveway haunts to 10,000sf haunted houses. Recently he has been part of the Creatures of the Night, an Oregon-based haunters group. Design and construction of sets and props are a strong value Doug brings to the team.
Doug has a degree in Architecture and has been practicing as a licensed Architect for over 30 years.