Façade Design: Designing a Spooktacular Face for Your Haunt

Friday, 10 May 2019
03:30 pm - 04:30 pm

First impressions are powerful in creating the atmosphere and setting of a themed experience. The wow factor starts with the facade and continues into the entry area and surrounding support space. With a single glance, patrons should understand the timeframe, location and what may be instore for them inside. A facade. A dramatic, realistic looking façade will compel excited patrons to enter, can dramatically enhance the overall experience and will increase attraction popularity! Learn the steps in designing a themed façade for your attraction from 30-year industry veteran Leonard Pickel, known for his “spooktacular” Dark-itecture, and pick up some tricks and tips about how to create a façade that will drive attendance.


Leonard Pickel

Innovator, Designer, Artist, Inventor, Teacher, Writer, Leader, Leonard Pickel has designed over 300 commercial Haunted Houses since his first in 1976. Over 3 million people from Los Angeles to New York, Orlando to Seattle, have experienced the "Pickel Theory" of Haunt Design first hand. Through his company, Hauntrepreneurs®, Leonard has created frightening attractions for major venues across the country and worldwide. Specializing in helping entrepreneurs get started Haunting, Pickel has helped hundreds of people fulfill their dreams of owning a successful haunted attraction or October seasonal event business.

More than willing to share his expertise with others, Pickel writes for haunt magazines and blogs, offers webinars and podcasts, and educational seminars at every significant gathering of Haunters in the US and Canada. Covering topics ranging from attraction design to actor training, code compliance to effective scares, increasing Haunt capacity to how to open your first attraction.

Check out Leonard's company websites at www.hauntrepreneurs.com or contact him at hauntrepreneurs@gmail.com and 972-951-5100 or follow him on Twitter @leonardpickel and Facebook.com/leonardpickel