Different Airbrush Paints and Techniques (It's Not Just For Makeup 😉

Saturday, 16 May 2020
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm

Learn about painting masks, props, and of course haunt makeup with Airbrush! And the question everybody has, WHAT PRODUCTS TO USE! Abby is an experienced airbrush artist that will show you techniques to turn that worn out faded prop into looking like new! And techniques to achieve a 3-D flawless blended look using airbrush! Taking this class will help your Makeup/Prop/Mask look amazing in your haunt! Class level: Any level learner


Abby Hartung

Being in love with anything scary and horrific, I got into fx makeup at a young age, working at local haunted houses in Washington state. After 10 years, I dove into the film industry and started teaching makeup classes for colleges, haunts and conventions. I took first place in the 2019 Crypticon makeup contest. Currently, I am an Airbrush instructor at the makeup college TINT in Seattle. While I am located in Washington state, I do travel across the country for makeup work.