Class Times are Pacific Standard Time

Web Casting 101 $63 fee

Friday, 13 May 2022
03:00 pm - 04:30 pm

Attendees to this class will learn the ins and outs of taking your decorations to the next level by using a webcaster 2. Each person taking this hands on workshop will receive a WEBACASTER 2, provided by Frightprops.


Roger Hayes (Uncle Rog)

Uncle Rog (Roger Hayes) has a degree in physics with a background in Computer science and Engineering, but his first love is art. He has worked in many mediums, including stained glass, painting and sculpting. Combine that, with his attraction to Halloween and all things dark, off beat and quirky, and Haunted Houses became a natural pathway. Roger is the creator and driving force behind Hayes Haunt, the recipient of the Home Haunter award for 2011 for the Best Walk through Haunt.
Roger is a successful author with his popular book, Home Haunting for Mere Mortals. He currently runs Hayes Haunt Productions, creating original CNC Tombstones, graveyard art and props for the Halloween and movie industry. Catch him at one of the many Halloween conventions across the country to see his art, take his classes and talk about Halloween until the cows come home!!!
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