HELP!! I Need People For My Haunt!

Friday, 10 May 2019
01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

So, you want or have a haunt. Now you need people. Jeannie will go through the ins and outs of attracting and retaining quality staff, volunteers and employees. This class will cover where to recruit, how to train and most importantly, how to retain a good base year to year. There will be information for you whether you are a home haunt, a charity haunt or for profit haunt. It will be helpful to you no matter if you have volunteers, family members, indentured house elves, or paid staff. Class Level: Beginner


Jeanmarie Peck

Jeannie has been scaring in haunts since 2000, and she has been Casting Director and Volunteer Coordinator for Scare Productions and the Nightmare at Beaver Lake since 2010. Both organizations are non-profit and 100% volunteer driven. Last year the show cleared over $250,000 for local and international charities. Not bad for a grass roots organization that got it's start to give those that didn't fit in a place to call home.