Courting The Reporter: Media Kits & Media Nights

‘Courting the Reporter’ introduces students to the elements and best practices of media kits and media nights through examples from attractions. Students leave with a checklist and plan to implement at their own budget level. This is an entry-level course recommended for members of the marketing, sales, or operations teams who do not have a current media kit or media night. Learning Objectives: Define and outline the components of Media Kits Define a Media Night Recite the best practices of Media Nights Apply best practices to provided outline

Philip Hernandez

Philip Hernandez is the CEO at Gantom Lighting & Controls, Editor-in-Chief of Seasonal Entertainment Source magazine, & founder of the Leadership Symposium for Seasonal Attractions. A published author and regular contributor to all forms of thought leadership in the attractions space, Philip co-hosts the ‘Marketing your Attraction’ podcast bi-weekly. Contact Philip here: