Silent Auction

Saturday, May 16, 2020
8:00 P.M. – 11:00 P.M.
Doubletree Ballroom 

Help us raise money for the 501c3 charity that is WCHC by donating out our silent auction. 

Click here for further donation request information.
Thank you in advance for helping the kids!

2019 Auction Items

2 CD's
3 Demon Masks
4 Random Prosthetics
Blue Sugar Skull Painting
Bronze Candle Sconces Set 4p set
Case of 99% Proof makeup alcohol
Cofin End Tables incorrectly Listed as Item #322
Crocheted Halloween Blanket
Crypt Kitty Raven
Custom Tombstone
Day of the dead Cat Picture
Eye patch Sugar Skull Painting
Gargoyle Terrarium Lantern
Gemmy Animated Phantom Portrait, Ghost Bride
Gift Basket
Gothic Spider Pillar Candles, Three 6 inch, Three 4 inch, Antique Silver Tray
Home Haunters DVD Collection
LED candles and star/moon votive holder
Large wall candle Sconces
Leeko Lights
Outdoor 7ft Inflatable Skeleton
Picture of Kids Lots of potential
Ravens Wood Gift Box
Red Hat
Silicone Prosthetics
Silver 3p Candle Sconces
Skull Mug, Resin and Stainless Steel, Six Gothic Plastic Wine Tumblers
Star Wars Grab Bag
Sugar Skull Cat Painting
Sugar Skull Dog Painting
Sugar Skull Pink Painting
Unicorns and Rainbows Set #1
Unicorns and Rainbows Set #2
Vintage Clock
Vintage Mirror
Vintage Mirror
Vintage Witch Broom Wall Hanging with Two Votive Candle Holders
White Sugar Skull Painting
line number 429
line number 430
Arsenic Costume CompanyDistressed Nurse Hat
Artsy, Tartsy and SuchSpider Voodoo doll
Artsy, Tartsy and SuchHalloween Jester Voodoo doll
Artsy, Tartsy and SuchNightmare Before Christmas Bag/Purse Jewelry
Artsy, Tartsy and SuchPumpkin Man Voodoo
BSCryptArmor helmet
Bernard FinniganWhen Halloween was Green
Bertucci'sSolar Witch Light
Bertucci'sSolar Witch Light
Brainchow StudiosPig Mask
Brainchow StudiosPlague Doctor Mask
Canadian Haunters ConventionHome Depot Gift Card
Canadian Haunters ConventionHome Depot Gift Card
Coffin Park CemeteryCoffin planter (with 3 small succulent plants)
Coffman FarmHoney
Coffman FarmsHoney
Corner of the EyeWitch Bottle
Crazy Kristy's EmporiumDapper Skeleton Quilt
Creatures of the Night"Jarod" the Horned Gargoyle
Creatures of the NightAlien Mask
Creatures of the NightAlien Moon Mask
Creatures of the NightBride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein Monster
Creatures of the NightDemonic Trio
Creatures of the NightDoctor Doom
Creatures of the NightGolf Ball Head
Creatures of the NightHorned Spechter
Creatures of the NightNeon Frog Alien
Creatures of the NightReptilicus
Creatures of the NightSatan
Creatures of the NightScreaming Skeleton
Creatures of the NightTall-eyed Alien
Creatures of the NightWerewolf
Cynister CreationzPumpkinb
Cynister CreationzTombstone
Damaged GoodsSigned Autograph and Skin Illustrator
Dark CandlesCandle Gift Basket
Dark Shadows CemeteryAnimal Skull
Dark Shadows CemeteryAnimal Skull (unpainted)
Darkmoon FaireGnomies
Darkmoon FaireSteam Punk Kit
Darkmoon FaireThe Spider Queen Doll
Davis Graveyard2 Bottles
Davis Graveyard2 Horror DVD's
Davis Graveyard2 Science Projects Skeleton Hand and Skeleton
Davis GraveyardAlien Mask
Davis GraveyardCaged Skeleton
Davis GraveyardCorpse Reviver #2
Davis GraveyardGhost Ride Productions Female Body Form
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Basket
Davis GraveyardGift Baskets
Davis GraveyardGifts from the UK
Davis GraveyardHourglass
Davis GraveyardKracken Rum and shot glasses
Davis GraveyardNightmare Before Christmas Gift Bag
Davis GraveyardScrapbook Gift Basket
Davis GraveyardSkeleton Head
Davis GraveyardSkeleton Punch Set
Davis GraveyardSpider Witch Hat
Davis GraveyardSpooky Hanging Reaper
Davis GraveyardSquashed Face Table
Davis GraveyardVampire Coffin Tissue Holder
Davis GraveyardWine and Cider Collection
Davis GraveyardWine and Wine glasses and shot glasses
Davis GraveyardWitch Statue Basket
Davis GraveyardZed the Zombie and Zogbie
Dead ShotOuiji Board Custom
Deadshot ProductionsWooden notebook
Debris ArtistSkull wall plaques
Debris ArtistSugar Skull Wall Decor and T-shirt
Edyn Rashae StudiosPumpkin Necklace
Escapism PortlandGift Certificate
Extreme Makeup FXAirbrush with Stencils
FROGGYS FOGTitan 1200 Fog Machine and Case of Swamp Juice
Fandom Forge PDXWendigo Skeleton
Fearlandia HauntFearlandia's Mighty Meat Basket
Fossil and Fawn2018 Wines
FrightPropsMotor, Controller, Power Supply Kit
Gantom Lighting & ControlsColorPiano
Gantom Lighting & ControlsColorPiano Programmable Color Changing RGB Spotlight w/Accessories
Gantom Lighting & ControlsColorPiano Programmable Color Changing RGB Spotlight w/Accessories
Gantom Lighting & ControlsColorPiano Programmable Color Changing RGB Spotlight w/Accessories
Geeky BeadsPoison Apple Bead Art
Ghoul GalleryHalloween Gift Basket
Ghoul GalleryZombie-Opoly
HAuNTconWeekend at HAuNTcon
Hayes haunt productionsPennywise tomb stone
Hebbs House of PropsSaw Hacker
Hebbs House of propsWoody Wood Wrecker
Horners Haunted CornerFramed Pumpkin on Tombstone
Hot SkwashVelvet Pumpkins
Hot Wire Foam FactoryK05 Foam Kit
Keizer Homegrown Theatre4 pack of play tickets
Kytty Kat DesignsJack Skellington Quilted Pillow-Medium
Kytty Kat DesignsNightmare Before Christmas Theme Quilted Pillow Set
Kytty Kat DesignsSkull Theme Quilted Pillow-Small
Lythra StudiosFu Man Chu basket
Lythra StudiosIsland Treasures
Lythra StudiosKona Coffee/ $50 Black Rock Coffee Card Basket
Lythra StudiosTiki Basket
Lythra StudiosTropical Treasures
Manny SouzaSigned DVD "The American Scream" and Large T-shirt
Meduri FarmsFruit And Nut Gift Bakset
Mellifera ArtsLibrary Cat Print
Mimi's Haunted House/Mimi's HouseFramed 8" X 10" "Vincent Price" print.
Mimi's Haunted House/Mimi's HouseFramed 8" X 10" of "Jonathan Frid - The Real Barnabas Collins"
Mimi's Haunted House/Mimi's HouseFramed 8" x 10" "Edgar Allen Poe" print
Miss Sue's Badass FripperiesBlack Calla Lily Necklace
Miss Sue's Badass FripperiesHeirloom Quality Hand-beaded Ornament
Miss Sue's Badass FripperiesKnit hat and spider (marked bid number 430 in paypal)
Ms."Morticia & Gomez Addams"
Ms."Skully Pop"
Ms."Vincent Price"
MuseDistressed Timmy
NW Walking ToursHaunted Oregon Basket
Necrotic CreationsThe Mudslide Basket
Necrotic CreationsThe Te-Kill-a Basket
Nightmare FactoryCreepy steam punk lamp set
Nightmare PlaygroundsSpecial Effects Makeup, How to Draw Zombies, zombie CSU
Nightmare Playgroundsgas mask
Nightmare Playgroundsgas mask
Nightmare at Beaver Lake & SCARE ProductionsVIP Basket
Nightmare factoryWooden gates
Northwest Regional ESDLogo Merchandise Gift Basket
Oddeddies50's to 70's Island Sword Replica
OddeddiesBaby Basinet
OddeddiesBat Dishes
OddeddiesBrass Candlesticks and Mirror
OddeddiesGlass Mummy Candy Dish
OddeddiesGlass Pumpkin Candy Dish
OddeddiesNevermore Chair
OddeddiesReal Cow Skull
OddeddiesSet of Decor Crosses
OddeddiesSmell My Feet Candy Holder
OddeddiesTreasure Chest
Rip City EffectsBlood and Makeup
Ritual ClothLarge T-shirt and patches
ScareIt BadgesScareIt Badges for Scare Actors
Scenic Valley Farms, LLC2017 and 2018 Wines
Scream 4 Reel Production StudiosScreaming Gift Basket
ShellHawk's CreationsHaunted Flower Pot
Shoestring Community PlayersXL T-shirt from Halloween Town
Shoestring Community PlayersXL T-shirt from Halloween Town
Spider Hill Prop WorksBK-1 Complete Body Kit
Stilbeat studiosCustom Made Mask
Stilbeat studiosCustom Made Mask
The CalvariumAloha Bag
The Coffin GuyJewelry Coffin
The Coffin GuyWCHC Coffin
The Dread Keep3 Spooky Chalices
The Dread Keep4 Spooky Resin Charms
The Dread KeepAmerican McGee's Alice 'Cheshire Cat' statue
The Dread KeepTwisted Tatum Goth Doll
The Green WolfTarot of Bones deck and book
Theatre of horrorsFriday the 13th pt4 print
Villa Pizza-Lloyd Center4 gift cards
Welcome to DG Gothic - Halloween Accessories and Decor by Davis Graveyard ProductionsBaby Blue Skeleton Lace Poncho
West Coast Haunters ConventionPink Lace Skull Poncho
Wicked WorksTravel pillow