2017 Guest Speakers:

Jon Cooke

Joncooke2As the Entertainment Design Specialist for Knotts Berry Farm, Jon ensured the full design, creation, and build process of the Knott’s Scary Farm attractions. Worked closely with a multitude of department supervisors and leads (Props, Carpentry, Paint, Marketing, and Operations Departments) to ensure the complete execution of the design & build process is 100% executed. Responsible for researching and sourcing various vendors and suppliers for materials and tools for the build process. Assisted in the interviewing, training, developing, and evaluating of potential and various design and haunt candidates and positions. I assist and support the daily office operations to ensure profitability through quality design direction, the completion of tasks within deadlines, and assisting team members with their deadlines to ensure that team goal are not only fulfilled but exceeded. Made daily decisions that involve time management and a sense of urgency for design projects, both short-term and long-term projections. Maximized profits by effectively hiring, training, developing and directing team members that can help assist with design project deadlines.

Ralis Kahn

RalisKahnwebRalis Kahn is a Los Angeles based special makeup effects artist with over 25 years of experience in blood splatters and gore; creatures and monsters; chemistry and artistry combined. He has worked on productions all over the world. His film and TV work includes Resident Evil Extinction, The Collector, Angel, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This spans from blood rigs to beauty makeup, and every kind of prosthetic appliance in-between. He has provided many of the iconic looks for shock rock musicians such as Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, as well as pop stars like N’Sync, Missy Elliot, Puff Daddy, and more. Ronnie James Dio wouldn’t work on a movie without Ralis by his side as his personal makeup artist. Ralis works regularly with directors Dean Karr and P. R. Brown, and rock star/photographer Nikki Sixx. He is an award-winning music video makeup artist, a sought-after consultant in the Haunted Attraction industry, and he even has his own line of Halloween Masks.

Leonard Pickel

The owner of D.O.A. Haunt Design and Consulting Firm, Leonard Pickel has been designing commercial Haunted Houses since 1976 with over 100 such attractions to date in cities from New York to Los Angeles, Toronto to Puerto Rico and for companies including Madison Scare Garden to Universal Studios Florida, and Six Flags amusement parks. Pickel has presented educational seminars at every significant gathering of Haunters in the US and Canada on topics ranging from code compliance to effective scares, from increasing Haunt capacity to how to start your first event.

Alyssa Schipani

AlyssaschipaniAlyssa Schipani Fright Farm / Design By Aly Alyssa Schipani has a huge passion for the haunt industry and has been actively involved for the past ten years. She is the Operations and Personnel Manager at Fright Farm in Smithfield, Pennsylvania. Alyssa enjoys teaching seminars and workshops at trade shows across the country. Alyssa also owns Design By Aly, a creative design company specializing in professional Photography, Web Design, and Graphic Design. In addition, Alyssa is a member of the Haunted Attraction Association and was awarded the 2015 HAA Special Recognition award for her excellence and dedication to the haunted attraction industry. When Alyssa isn’t “haunting,” she works full time for West Virginia Radio Corporation and teaches a variety of group fitness classes. For more info, go to her website

Roy Wooley

roywooleyRoy Wooley is a special effects makeup artist with more than 20 years of experience. Originally from Alabama and moved to Georgia in 1998, he took a job at Netherworld Haunted House where he established and now runs the makeup department. He works year-round on feature films while doing creature fabrication for Netherworld, which has become one of the country’s leading haunted attractions. In August 2012, he began competing on SyFy’s special effects competition show “Face Off.” His creations quickly became fan favorites, and he even earned a permanent spot in the Star Wars universe when he co-created a creature for the Mos Eisley cantina during his first spotlight challenge.

Dutch Bihary

Dutch discovered at a very young age that he was born with the talent to draw and sculpt at a higher level than his schoolmates. He dreamed of one day becoming an art teacher. Unfortunately, growing up with meager means, living off the land high in the Cascade mountains of Washington state, there was no prospect of going to college. Undaunted by this, Dutch dreamed big and got his professional start in the art world illustrating comic books right out of high school. Over the years, his love of illustrating evolved and manifested in a wide variety of artistic projects from murals, tattoo flash, and album covers, to Special effects makeup for films and music videos. But none of these does he enjoy more than face and body art.

After being unwillingly volunteered by his wife, Brecky, to fill in as a temporary face painter at a U-pick pumpkin patch in 2005, he instantly fell in love. He found that his experience as an illustrator and the skill sets he’d acquired there translated perfectly to this newly discovered medium.

Now he fulfills his dream of teaching by traveling the world instructing and sharing his unique style of face and body art.