Jon Cooke


As the Entertainment Design Specialist for Knotts Berry Farm, Jon ensured the full design, creation, and build process of the Knott’s Scary Farm attractions. Worked closely with a multitude of department supervisors and leads (Props, Carpentry, Paint, Marketing, and Operations Departments) to insure the complete execution of the design & build process is 100% executed. Responsible for researching and sourcing various vendors and suppliers for materials and tools for the build process. Assisted in the interviewing, training, developing, and evaluating of potential and various design and haunt candidates and positions. I assist and support the daily office operations to ensure profitability through quality design direction, the completion of tasks within deadlines, and assisting team members with their deadlines to insure that team goals are not only fulfilled, but exceeded. Made daily decisions that involve time management and a sense of urgency for design projects, both short-term and long-term projections. Maximized profits by effectively hiring, training, developing and directing team members that can help assist with design project deadlines.

Previous Positions at Knotts Berry Farm Prop Department Lead

Crew lead for maze installation. Able to identify individuals strengths and weaknesses in order to delegate tasks to most efficiently complete a project by the given deadline.

Prop Fabrication
Mold Making (Box, Fiberglass, Silicone, Brush Up, Plaster,) Airbrush, Sculpting (Bead Foam, Oil and Water Based Clay,) Fabrication (2 part foams, rubbers, epoxy, latex,) Mask Making, Carpentry, Constructed mazes using hand tools and shop tools.

Cast Lead.
Performance coach for scare actors which included training and supervising a large cast during the event.

Character Actor

Portrayed various characters for the Scary Farm event.

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