Alyssa Schipani

alyssaAlyssa Schipani Fright Farm / Design By Aly Alyssa Schipani has a huge passion for the haunt industry and has been actively involved for the past ten years. She is the Operations and Personnel Manager at Fright Farm in Smithfield, Pennsylvania. Alyssa enjoys teaching seminars and workshops at trade shows across the country. Alyssa also owns Design By Aly, a creative design company specializing in professional Photography, Web Design, and Graphic Design. In addition, Alyssa is a member of the Haunted Attraction Association and was awarded the 2015 HAA Special Recognition award for her excellence and dedication to the haunted attraction industry. When Alyssa isn’t “haunting,” she works full time for West Virginia Radio Corporation and teaches a variety of group fitness classes. For more info, go to www.